From home repair to installation services, we specialize in providing a helping hand to fix all home related problems.


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Door Installation

At Handyman, we understand the importance of doors to the functionality of your home. We are going to increase the appeal and value of your home with premium quality interior and exterior doors. From entrance doors, sliding glass doors, closet doors, pet doors, and more, we will install or replace them for you.

Bathroom installation

Bathrooms will always need remodeling, upgrading, or replacement of fixtures, shower units, bathtubs, toilets, and much more.  You can contact us for aesthetically pleasing and functional showerheads, sink hardware, toilets, cabinets, shower doors, grab bars, vanity, faucets, and much more.

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Kitchen Installation

The kitchen is the central area that hosts many people, especially for dinner. We can make your kitchen more functional, spacious, and beautiful. We have technicians with expertise in kitchen upgrading, hardware and fixture installation, and more. They will work with you on your cabinets and their hardware, kitchen flooring, countertops, appliances, new faucets and fixtures, and lighting, among many others.

Installation of stairs and handrails

We know that many homes like to install staircases to enhance the elegance of the home and improve functional access to other rooms in the house. Our professionals can install and upgrade handrails, stairs, and other elements that provide safety to your family. We offer installation for handrails, newel posts, balusters, treads, and risers.

Childproofing products installation

The safety of your children will always be a priority. At Handyman, we care for your safety and that of your loved ones.  Call us for all your childproofing installations, simple or complex, and we will work on it to make it safe for your children. We offer installation of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, baby and safety gates, childproofing on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, video and door reinforcements, dresser and other furniture securing products, and much more.

Other projects we undertake include the installation of home security products, fire and safety products, seasonal and holiday lighting, and energy efficiency products.At Handyman, we can install all your projects according to our needs. Whatever your installation needs are, let us handle them on your behalf.

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